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Intuitive and easy-to-use authoring experience

Includes project management, workflows, and notification capablities

Connects to other major tools to support Marketing Automation, Personalization, Analytics, and more

Built on 100% RESTful principles which allows easy content syndication to other platforms

Built on well-established frameworks with healthy contributor communities

Is the leading CMS in all major technical reviews including Garnter and Forrester

We offer Adobe Expertise

John Mathews


John Mathews is the practice lead for AEM at Melon Technology.  John has been working on the platform since 2006 when it was known as Day Communique 4.1 before the Adobe acquisition. He has a broad range of expertise across many industries, including GTM strategies for both B2B & B2C companies. While working for a large public corporation, John grew a small web team into a full-blown internal digital agency that was the lynchpin to the organization's Digital Transformation. This wealth of experience has led to being a guest speaker at Adobe Summit, 3|Share's Evolve, ICF Olson's AEMDeveloper Circuit event, and multiple smaller regional round tables both for AEM and partner tools that were featured as case studies.

Notable Client Experience

Featured Adobe Project

Improving Zebra's Digital Asset Management 

We are leading an overhaul of Zebra's DAM to migrate 200,000 assets into a new content structure, programmatically clean up the metadata, and develop a custom interface on top of Adobe Assets that automates the upload process to remove human error.

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