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As a division of Commerce Bank, a Kansas City, Missouri-based bank with over $25 billion in assets, Commerce Healthcare leverages the security and infrastructure of a bank with more than 150 years of experience to provide innovative healthcare finance solutions and services.

Leveraging 150 years of financial service expertise to launch a new healthcare product

Commerce Bank hired Melon to recommend the market strategy, define the user experience, create a simple yet compelling visual design, and develop the front-end code for the launch of its new product, 

The Challenge

The healthcare ecosystem is complex and rapidly evolving, and both patients and providers are under increasing pressure. Patients are responsible to cover a greater portion of the care they receive and providers are tasked with seeing more patients, reducing costs, and demonstrating results. As the industry shifts to new innovative payment models, patients and staff strive for better financial healthcare experiences. Commerce Bank needed to introduce its new complex offering, Commerce Healthcare, clearly and thoughtfully.


Launched a new website showcasing the launch of Commerce Healthcare, with details on the company’s vision, key leaders, challenges, and solutions offered.  Website also includes a backend portal for its B2B audience, healthcare providers.

The Solution

Already engaged with Commerce Bank’s wealth management division, Melon worked with key Healthcare experts to aid in the strategic go-to-market positioning of Commerce Healthcare, including branding, product portfolio understanding, and audience definition. This led us to set the foundation of the outward facing message of the brand, its unique value proposition, and how it would come to life through the launch of this new product offering. From here, we gathered technical requirements, established the user experience, created the visual design, and developed and launched the website.

Conducted a visual audit of competitors’ websites to determine the brand positioning, its relationship to Commerce Bank, the opportunity for Commerce Healthcare, and how it can differentiate visually from competitors.

Almost $400 million growth in total patient loans in the four months after the website launched.

Our Services

  • Qualitative Research 

  • CX Strategy 

  • UX & Visual Design

  • Content Strategy 

  • Testing and Optimization 

  • DevOps


  • Sitecore

We developed a content creation workflow to manage the process, timing, and resources needed as the Commerce Healthcare team developed content for the website.

We developed a series of components, from which we then built the wireframes for the website. During our requirements gathering phase, we gained an understanding of the use cases for content for the website, which allowed us to create a set of components, leading to a consistent design across the site. Commerce Healthcare can pull from the components as webpages are built and adjusted in the future. 

Through our research, we evaluated the customer and narrowed them to four key audiences. For each, we developed a persona and considered how we can reach them at each stage in their sales journey.

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