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Envestnet, Inc. is a leading provider of intelligent systems for wealth management and financial wellness. They enable enterprises and advisors to better manage client outcomes and strengthen their practices through its leading Wealth Management Operating System and advanced portfolio solutions. 

Empowering Envestnet to better service their customers through technical innovation and process optimization

Envestnet engaged Melon to architect their company migration to Acquia and Drupal. We have been successfully partnered for almost 3 years.

The Challenge

Envestnet identified an internal gap in the lack of a solution for managing content and data across their different platforms. Acquia was selected as the platform to solve this problem, and then Acquia and Envestnet selected Melon as the best option to help implement and manage the Acquia solution. However, there were over a dozen internal applications that were identified as needing Acquia and Drupal, several new companies that had been added through Acquisition that were on their own tools, and several internal conflicting priorities around where to focus time and money.


Elimination of millions of pages of paper documentation

Reduction of thousands of hours of redundant content authoring

The Solution

Melon was able to work with Envestnet to quickly launch the first Acquia website for content management. From there, by pairing Drupal's extensive feature set with that foundational solution, we were able to begin adding more tools and features at a rapid pace. This has allowed an agile team of developers to rapidly launch new Acquia solutions in sprint fashion. We are now launching a headless content hub that will eventually feed content to all content, translations, and documents for all of Envestnet's online platforms.

Our Services

  • Business Transformation

  • Planning and Roadmapping 

  • Change Management 

  • Content Strategy 

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Platforms Delivery

  • Systems Integration 

  • Cloud-based hosting 

  • Maintenance & Enhancements


  • Drupal/Acquia

Up Next

Leveraging 150 years of financial service expertise to launch a new healthcare product

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