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GuardianAngel is a full-service campus safety solution that integrates existing security systems to not only meet Duty of Care requirements, but feel confident you are making the best decision for your institution and people.

Real-time Operational Intelligence Build with Python and React

Melon and SentinelSix partnered to launch GuardianAngel, an end-to-end security solution built as native iOS and Android applications. GuardianAngel offers an easy to access SOS button, geo-location awareness, incognito mode to keep personal times personal, customized alerts, and email, chat, phone, and video emergency support. All of the data is organized and parsed into an easy to monitor React interface, allowing for immediate and precise response to any situation.

The Challenge

This platform was reimagining a previously built and now outdated system which was no longer meeting their needs. The client didn’t have a great experience with their previous technology partners and we had to build their trust with our execution. We also had to build this new platform understanding that we would need to sync with the existing system. After the launch in the late summer of 2018, we needed to quickly integrating new GPS devices which worked without mobile networks in time to support emergency response needs during the peak of hurricane season. In September this new platform was put to the test as we had to add 800+ new devices to support the North Carolina National Guard response to Hurricane Florence.


Seamlessly transitioned existing clients from the old platform to the new.

Added additional GPS and satellite device support to the platform after the initial launch.

Supported and enhanced platform with rapid feature development and data ingestion for an emergency response.

The Solution

The platform was built and integrated to slowly transition away from the existing platform by first replacing the data collection pieces, replicating to the old platform, then finally we enabled the new visualizations and features. This architecture made it easy for us to begin to incorporate new device sources  such as the Spot GPS devices and the Iridium satellite devices. We were also able to quickly ingest NC DOT feeds of road closures and visualize them on the map to help with the relief and rescue operations. We also worked with the NC National Guard technology group to allow them to capture our data and mirror it into their systems.

Our Services

  • Planning and Roadmapping 

  • UX & Visual Design

  • Enterprise Architecture 

  • Systems Integration

  • PWA & Mobile 

  • Testing and Optimization

  • DevOps

  • Cloud-based Hosting

  • Performance Tuning

  • Maintenance and Enhancements


  • Custom Product Development

  • Python - REST API

  • React - Single Page Application

  • iOS & Android Mobile Development

  • Geospacial Application

  • Real-time Web Application

The GuardianAngel App offers connectivity to their Global Security Operations Center, and supports voice and text communication.  They continuously monitor known and emerging sources of information to identify, assess, and resolve risk for travelers around the globe. 

During North Carolina's response to Hurricane Florence, NC Emergency Management and the North Carolina National Guard deployed GuardianAngel to provide asset tracking and data visualization to the management team at the State's Emergency Operations Center.

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