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Scrubs and Beyond is the largest provider of healthcare apparel and accessories in the United States with over 140 stores nationwide.  Opening its first store in September 2000 Scrubs and Beyond rapid growth presents an inspiring success story. 

Scrubs and Beyond Magento 1 to 2 Migration

Expanding into the ecommerce retail space proved challenging and Scrubs and Beyond struggled with a variety of difficulties within the online arena.   Hobbled with a poor Magento 1 implementation Scrubs and Beyond partnered with Melon to relaunch an optimized and stable ecommerce platform.  This accomplished Scrubs and Beyond with Melon focused on commerce growth targets.

The Challenge

A stabilized Magento 1 platform provided Scrubs and Beyond the ability to look forward and make decisions on the best ways to improve the company’s eCommerce offerings.  Recognizing the critical importance of their online presence Scrubs and Beyond worked with Melon to identify key opportunities.  Foremost was a pressing need to migrate to the new Magento 2 platform.  Working with Melon Scrubs and Beyond laid out a road map for not only migrating but also building an ongoing partnership of co-development effort where both parties shared in overall planning and daily operations.  This deeper level of partner relationship was launched with the intention of not only accomplishing the Magento 1 to 2 migration but even more importantly furthering long-term business goals.

The first step was the migration, requiring building and structuring cooperative teams with both companies along with framing out the migration project and various improvements being introduced.  Opportunities were seized in leveraging lessons learned during the Magento 1 implementation and numerous improvements were advanced for inclusion into the migration efforts.  A strong focus was centered around stability, performance, and ease of use – with an overarching architectural direction driving intensive testing to overcome recognized shortcomings in these areas.

Challenges faced included a lack of site stability and performance.  With unexpected site downtimes occurring there clearly was a need to improve on overall infrastructure.  Performance also lagged behind, with page render speeds of over 6 seconds and a need for image and static content optimizations.  Additionally, the existing mobile experience was dated and in need of complete overhaul.

Working together the Melon and Scrubs and Beyond team deconstructed and carefully rebuilt the Magento installation to create a truly performant Magento 2 implementation.  Legacy integrations were retired, new features enhancing Scrubs and Beyond’s competitive advantage were introduced, and a modern mobile experience was crafted.  Along the way the Melon and Scrubs and Beyond teams grew into a single working unit, smoothly passing through sprint after sprint without breaking stride even during launch.


40% increase in conversion

Relative page load speed cut in half

Site Stability is near-perfect

The Solution

Following a near-perfect launch the Scrubs and Beyond Magento 2 installation delivered fantastic performance and record-breaking conversion rates, all with rock solid stability and no unexpected downtime.  Serving pages at around 3 seconds with optimized image and static content Scrubs and Beyond is seeing higher traffic and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

The Melon/Scrubs and Beyond cooperative team has launched a top-notch modern Magento 2 site, and just as impressive has forged a long lasting co-development relationship that promises great things for the future.  Secure in the knowledge that the existing site is stable and solidly performing Scrubs and Beyond is comfortable with looking at larger commerce opportunities including deeper omnichannel integration and broader store-to-customer operations.

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